High Strength PET Woven Geotextile


Honghuan high strength PET multifilament geotextile are engineered woven geotextiles fabricated with high tenacity and high molecular weight polyester yarns. It has high tensile strength at very low strain for soil reinforcement applications including soft soil stabilization, base reinforcement, embankments on soft soils and working platforms, etc.


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Features & Benefits

  • High tensile strength at very low elongation
  • Outstanding Long-Term Design Strength
  • Highly cost-effective for soil reinforcement applications


  • Enhance structural stability with limited differential settlement
  • High performance, quality and durability to ensure safety and cost efficiency
  • Easy handling and installation to reduce construction time and costs
  • Reduce required base course materials
  • Lower maintenance costs


  • Embankments on Soft Soils
  • Voids Bridging
  • Waste Lagoon Closures
  • MSE Structures
  • Reinforcements Applications that require: Creep Resistance, High tensile and Long Term Design Strength



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