Geotextile Tubes for Costal Protection


Honghuan Geotextile Tubes are fabricated high performance engineered woven fabrics. Available in a wide range of sizes according to specific requirements of projects or site conditions.

For marine applications, hydraulically filled with a mixture of water and sand by pump, dredger or funnel. During and after the filling process, the water dissipates through the fabric, while the sand can be retained within the geotextile tubes and become the main composition of the structures.


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Features & Benefits

  • Superior solution for coastal protection
  • High grade fabric with satisfactory strength and exceptionally high permeability
  • High quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness
  • High quality and durability to ensure long-term effectiveness of structures
  • High mechanical and filtration performance to enhance usage efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly with less carbon emission
  • Easy handling and installation to reduce construction time and costs
  • Cost-effective




  • River channel dredging
  • Sediments in Water (River, reservoir, lagoon, lake pond)
  • Harbor Basin Sludge Dredging
  • Industrial Sludge Dewatering
  • Agricultura Waste dewatering
  • Sewage Sludge Dewatering

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